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At Pregged any pregnancy related question can be asked and answered without shame, fear or embarrassment – nothing is off limits – nothing is taboo. 

Submit your question and we’ll answer it ASAP. 

Our aim is to reassure and support as many parents-to-be as possible. We know how scary pregnancy can be but we also know you’ve got this. We want you to feel that there is someone out there who will listen without judgement, who you can trust to be real with you about all aspects of pregnancy – the pretty, beautiful parts and the challenging, freaky and worrying parts.

“Everything grows wider and rounder and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be”
Carrie Fisher

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It’s incredibly important to us that all the information on Pregged is accurate, reliable and trustworthy. Our specialist writers and reviewers are well qualified in a variety of medical disciplines and always aim to bring you the most up-to-date, scientifically backed information available.

Nikolina Miljus BSc Psychology

Nikolina Miljus (BSc) Psychologist

Nikolina is a Psychologist (BSc) and a school counselor. She focuses on writing about depression, anxiety and other mental health topics in an easy-to-understand and fact-based manner. Nikolina's writing about mental health matters relies on acceptance and mindfulness-based psychotherapy approaches.

Yeniset Santana Pharmacist

Yeniset Santana Pharmacist

Yeniset is a mother and a pharmacist. She graduated in Cuba in 2001, and licensed in BC, Canada in 2009. Her patients have a key role in deciding which treatment to follow. She has worked as a drug information specialist and retail pharmacist. Helping other mothers or mothers-to-be is her passion. She works toward building a world where everyone is valued equally. And where family is the center and most important piece of society. Yeniset believes patient’s knowledge is patient’s empowering.

Kristy June G. Dinampo BScB, MD

Kristy June G. Dinampo BScB, MD

Kristy is a graduate of BSc in Biology in The University of the Philippines Mindanao and a General Medical Practitioner, graduated in the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA – JONELTA Foundation School of Medicine. She has been a research consultant and a medical writer. She keeps herself busy with her hospital work, research and family.

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